June 23, 2022

The Jan. 6 Committee continues their imperative work on who should be held accountable for the assault on the Capitol, and today’s session focuses on how Trump ‘misused’ his position to influence one agency who knew better than to do his bidding; Ready for a recession? Financial professionals advise us all to do these things; Racism exists among the ranks of the police. One Police Chief photoshopped the face of his lone Latino officer and it was’t meant as a compliment; Scientists warn us not to stress. Evidence points to where stress hurts us the most; and Some Mexicans are on a search for an increasingly waning commodity. Go beyond the headlines…

Jan. 6 panel to hear from DOJ officials who battled Trump’s ‘misuse’ of agency

European Union leaders set to grant Ukraine candidate status

Trump-era Remain in Mexico program under new scrutiny

What Is A Recession: How to Get Ready for Hard Times

Police Chief Photoshopped a Latino Officer’s Head on a Jar of Hot Sauce, Lawsuit Alleges

Stress accelerates immune aging, study finds

New York State Purchases Robot Companions for the Elderly

Virtual reality gives humans a turtle’s-eye view of wildlife

Mexican citizens go in search of water

Inca-era tomb unearthed beneath home in Peru’s capital

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