June 26, 2024

As climate calamities increase, new wars erupt, old wars broaden and politicians put profit over the good of society, there is an exploding need for services and money to help lessen the impact of these life-changing scenarios on the most vulnerable among us. Since the dawn of COVID, charitable contributions are down but nonprofits see hope on the horizon; It seems like every other week we read that starvation in Gaza is imminent. It is, for real; Only 1 in 5 workers nearing retirement are financially on track, say financial analysts. They also say that a senior crisis is nearing a tipping point too; Archeologists have found the oldest known burial site in the world — and it wasn’t created by our species; and In Colombia, TikTok is the platform of choice for guerrilla recruitment — of children. Go beyond the headlines…

US charitable giving dipped to $557B in 2023, but outlook is getting brighter

Half a million people in Gaza face starvation risk: report

Homeland Security says border arrests fall more than 40% since Biden’s halt to asylum processing

Only 1 in 5 workers nearing retirement is financially on track: “It will come down to hard choices.”

Another monolith appeared near Las Vegas. Who’s behind these mysterious objects?

Scientists Call for Action To Prevent ‘Sixth Great Extinction of Life’

The Oldest Known Burial Site in The World Wasn’t Created by Our Species

Sony develops AI that can generate high-quality instrumental accompaniments

Colombian schoolchildren being lured by rebels on TikTok

Flooded Brazil ‘ghost town’ a climate warning to world, UN advisor says

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