June 27, 2024

It’s well-known that Donald Trump isn’t just a political candidate among some of his followers; he’s more like a cult leader. His fans hang on his every word, laugh at his appalling personal insults of others and applaud the most inhumane thoughts he has on how to treat migrants and his critics. So, a new poll showing who more is looking forward to tonight’s debate, Republicans or Democrats, isn’t a big surprise; Israel may (finally) be winding down their fight in Gaza but a new one is brewing north and this one Israel will be facing more than just one opponent, and that worries global allies; Have you noticed your rent keeps rising? You’re not alone; Sociologists are voicing something many of us already knew: “college isn’t the great equalizer.”; and The Cleveland Clinic just launched a new wellness app that may be a game-changer for those seeking better nutrition. Go beyond the headlines…

Poll: Republicans more invested in Biden-Trump debate

Hezbollah’s ‘axis of resistance’ allies waiting in reserve to fight Israel

Texas added more Hispanic, Asian and Black residents than any other state last year

Here’s where U.S. rents are rising — and falling — the fastest

College may not be the ‘great equalizer’ − luck and hiring practices also play a role, a sociologist explains

World First: Scientists Make Live Rhino Horns Radioactive to Fight Poaching in South Africa

Mountain-size ‘planet killer’ asteroid will make a close approach to Earth today — and you can watch it live

Cleveland Clinic Launches App Featuring State-of-the-Art Food and Fitness Tracking, Support and Education

Military flees Bolivia government palace, general in custody after coup attempt fails

Mexico City Jedi schools teach chilangos the art of the lightsaber

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