June 25, 2024

The US Surgeon General designated another “public health crisis.” The body count with this crisis is more obvious than the recent public health crisis he issued about teens and social media. It’s only more obvious because bodies literally litter the ground with this crisis because it’s a result of gun violence. It’s strange to think that just as many people die in the United States by gun violence as those living in countries suffering wars (Ukraine, Gaza), chaos (Haiti) or domestic terrorism. The chances Congress will pay attention to the US Surgeon General is as high as Meta or TikTok taking to heart what he said about their products — and it’s all about selling product for profit. In other words, capitalism. As a society, we’ve embraced capitalism and camouflage it under the guise of a ‘free society,’ especially when the profits at stake are bigger than people’s lives. This tragic reality highlights the deep-rooted issues within our societal and political systems, where the pursuit of profit often takes precedence over the well-being and safety of individuals. The reluctance of powerful entities, whether in the tech industry or the firearms lobby, to address these critical issues underscores a broader problem: the commodification of human lives. Until there is a fundamental shift in how we value human life over monetary gain, these public health crises will continue to claim lives and wreak havoc on communities. The Surgeon General’s warnings, though dire and urgent, may unfortunately fall on deaf ears if the allure of profit remains the ultimate priority; China just beat the US at something where we’re losing ground; And many thought their job loss was all about companies downsizing to better streamline costs. However, a deeper analysis finds it’s all about health. Go beyond the headlines…

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