June 28,2021

Things are heating up across the country, both figuratively and literally. Whether it’s the Texas governor wanting to be a mini-Trump; Or Rents rising, dashing home buying hopes for thousands; Or The Delta variant prolonging the health threat, wherever we turn there is a challenge on the horizon. The only silver lining are the signs of positive change happening: Like former Attorney General Bill Barr’s confession on Trump’s election accusation; Or The makeshift library created in the heart of gang territory; Or The electronic innovation happening in Latin America to progress democracy to a new future. Go beyond the headlines…

New border fight pits Texas against Biden over care for 4,500 migrant kids

The future of home ownership is Latino

Bill Barr on Trump’s election fraud claims: “It was all bullsh*t”

The People Still Going To Trump Rallies Are Committed To Trump’s Fantasy: “He’s Our True President”

Improvised Library Brings Joy Of Books To Kids Living In Gang Territory

Rents for single-family homes are soaring: Follow the 30% rule

Covid-19 Delta Variant Emerges as Primary Threat Around the World

With help from a new app, fishermen can track changing ocean conditions in real time

Venezuela migrants cross US border in droves

Digital Innovation in Latin America: How Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru have been experimenting with E-participation

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