June 29, 2021

When it comes to voting, women edge men out in turnout at the polls. Now, there’s an analysis of civic responsibility among all women; The migrant “crisis” appears to be subsiding with the biggest drop among this group; Think white supremacists crawled away once Trump lost the election?; New study explores why more women keep sexual assaults to themselves; and The condo collapsed in Miami didn’t just affect the Miami community. Go beyond the headlines…

By the numbers: 2020 turnout for women of color

US: Big drop in migrant kids at largest emergency shelter

They Were Deported by Trump. Now Biden Wants to Bring Them Back

Trump, GOP return to border to rev up base

Authorities Said A White Supremacist Fatally Shot Two People Near Boston Because They Were Black

How To Start A Podcast, According To The Pros At NPR

Fungal infections worldwide are becoming resistant to drugs and more deadly

Study explores why women decide not to tell anyone about being sexually assaulted

Latin Americans among those in building collapse, relatives abroad await word

Salvadoran bitcoin users to get $30 from government: president

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