June 30, 2021

It would not be an understatement to say that the nation is a ‘functioning schizophrenic.’ For example, on the one hand, the House just voted to remove a symbol of oppressive racism from the U.S. Capitol and on the other hand a new study reveals undue police force is still a problem for certain demographics. In other news: ICE is exploring new ways to track migrants; Native American women rarely get justice for being assaulted and it’s all because of a legal loophole; Wal-Mart is answering a health need for millions of low-non-insured Latinos and New app aims to help kids with their emotional coping. Go beyond the headlines…

The House Votes To Remove Confederate Statues In The U.S. Capitol

Nearly all COVID deaths in US are now among unvaccinated

ICE eyes new ways to track migrants

Native American women face an epidemic of violence. A legal loophole prevents prosecutions.

The complicated history and identity of Latinos in the United States

Use of police force still breaking down across racial and ethnic lines, says study

Walmart launching its own low-cost insulin to ‘revolutionize’ affordability for diabetics

Wondergrade: The New Emotional Learning App For Kids

Mexican ecotourism ranch offers welcome getaway in a pandemic era

Bolivia’s ‘People of the Water’ try to survive loss of lake

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