June 6, 2022

The start of a new week brings old news: the continuing Russian slaughter of life and culture of Ukraine, inflation continuing to sting household budgets, and the continuation of the needless loss of life to incompetent people who were able to acquire a gun for their own delusional motives. It doesn’t seem to matter to our elected representatives that 70 percent of us are in favor of reducing gun violence over gun rights, the conservatives still cry that any law to stem needless death is an attack on their 2nd Amendment right to have arms. Their logic makes no sense and so the bigger question is why does the 70 percent not fight this irrational perspective? It’s on the majority of us who have let a small, loud-mouth minority dictate gun laws in the country; The gender wage gap still exists and now we can discover what it is city by city; Covid is not gone. In fact, it’s on the rise. Check out a map that shows the nation’s hot spots; and While state by state criminalizes abortion, Mexico (surprisingly) strengthens their show of opposition to this trend. Go beyond the headlines…

70 percent of American prioritize laws reducing gun violence over gun rights: poll

Russia hits Kyiv with missiles; Putin warns West on arms

America’s new labor market

What is the gender wage gap in your metropolitan area? Find out with our pay gap calculator

How we pronounce Uvalde says a lot about the power of language in mixed communities

Map: Track the Covid hot spots across the U.S.

Colorado will lose half its snow by 2080 and look more like Arizona, federal scientists conclude

Instagram Rolls Out Amber Alert Integration

US Excludes Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua From Regional Summit

Baja California Sur is now the 9th Mexican state to decriminalize abortion

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