June 7, 2022

The demise of a woman’s right to choose what to do with her body is seen as inevitable and the White House is bracing for the fallout; In the beginning of the Ukrainian invasion by Russia, Zelensky held out hope for peace talks. Today, he has a very frank assessment of its future; Mexico’s president is squawking about the exclusion of Cuba, Venezuela and other dictatorships from the Americas summit and declared he wasn’t attending. Yet, he says nada when more and more Mexican journalists are being assassinated under his watch; Think it’s no big deal to be shot by a gun or an assault weapon? After all, there’s barely any blood on the big and small screens when someone gets shot. The reality is very different. See just what kind of damage weapons do to the human body; Scientists just finished a smelly job to create the largest genome database of a mammal close to our hearts and DNA. Go beyond the headlines…

White House braces for the death of Roe v. Wade 

Russia-Ukraine war latest: Zelenskiy says peace talks ‘at level zero’ – live

Exclusive: Dems urge Biden admin to protect Mexican journalists amid killings

Migrant caravan sets out for the U.S. border from southern Mexico

This is how handguns and assault weapons affect the human body

AI may be searching you for guns the next time you go out in public

Scientists Create World’s Largest Chimp DNA Genome From Poop

GreenPal: An app that connects homeowners to Lawn care.

Mexican cuisine makes list of world’s top 10

How is a ‘state of exception’ changing El Salvador?

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