March 1, 2021

More and more of us are only “six degrees of separation” from knowing someone who has died of COVID-19. Last night, I learned of a third person who has succumbed to this terrible disease. Two were doctors who worked within the Latino community and the third was a pastor of a small church. All were immigrants — two from Mexico and one from the Dominican Republic. For all the hateful rhetoric perpetuated by Trump, his cronies and his political party (aka GOP), these pandemic victims epitomized what public service is all about. Something too many politicians refuse to adopt. If public service was top-of-mind for them then maybe 1 in 4 Latino families wouldn’t. have started this pandemic underwater; President Biden is set to virtually meet with Mexico’s president today who will make a bold request of Biden; Something disturbing is happening with Florida’s manatee population; and A long forgotten chapter in US slave history reveals a startling connection with Mexico. Go beyond the headlines…

1 in 4 Black and Latino Families Were Underwater Even Before the Pandemic Hit

Biden: Facility for young migrants ‘won’t stay open very long’

Cities are starting to ban gas stations

Biden to meet with Mexican president amid migration issues

A Chapter In U.S. History Often Ignored: The Flight Of Runaway Slaves To Mexico

Florida Manatee Deaths Soar in Unusual Start to the Year

Atlantic Ocean circulation is the weakest in at least 1,600 years, study finds – here’s what that means for the climate

Phone device flags COVID-19 in less than an hour

Argentine titanosaur may be oldest yet: study

AMLO to propose US legalize migratory flows from Mexico, Central America

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