March 1, 2022

The ongoing Russian invasion has only hardened (most) in the global community against Russia. Ironically, many Russians are either against the war or believe Putin’s lies justifying it. One country, aside from China, that has not joined the world in sanctioning this brutal aggressor, is our very own neighbor Mexico. Historically, Mexico has always followed a policy of non-intervention in other countries. Yet, when we see Switzerland and Germany breaking with their own historic norms of neutrality, Mexico’s decision to maintain Russian diplomatic ties and still accept flights from Russia, hits a sour note, especially when we contribute so much to Mexico’s economy via tourism and importing their goods. Maybe, we need to send a message to Mexico as well. In other news: Why did 3 Republican vote against making lynching a hate crime? Really?; Not to mention, why is Arizona’s GOP on a mission to throw out absentee voting? Will voters of Arizona allow this to happen?; The UN released a climate report outlining just how little time humanity has on this planet before climate change makes parts of our planet uninhabitable and our Supreme Court is questioning the US federal government’s power to curb emissions. Like everyone would do it of their own volition without threats of penalty?; and Amid all this sad news, there is still something to aspire to. NASA released a new app dedicated to women and the Artemis Mission. Check it out and show it to any girl you know. The time is getting closer when we all will need to start looking to the stars for a different future for ourselves. Go beyond the headlines…

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