March 2, 2022

President Biden made several announcements during his State of the Union address. Like all his predecessors, he rallied the nation, admonished his partisan colleagues, highlighted his administration’s achievements, shared his Wish List for the nation, got some facts wrong and even misspoke, but for the most part, according to PolitiFact, Biden was truthful — and in a time when political leaders are seen distorting the truth to propel their personal agenda, he’s a welcome change; More European nations are agreeing with Ukraine President Zelensky’s assessment of Putin’s actions as being war crimes. If that’s the case, why does the world stand by and let him continue his onslaught? Why not force stoppage of the Russian army? How dare we let one man dictate fear to the rest of us; Our economy needs guest workers and they’re coming. Yet, many fear they’re ‘ripe’ for abuse; The University of VA researchers just developed an app that helps women in Nicaragua fight back against a deadly cancer; and Climate change is already making life difficult for everyone but especially for our neighbors in South America. Go beyond the headlines…

Fact-checking Joe Biden’s 2022 State of the Union address

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