March 11, 2022

Putin continues his delusional destruction on Ukraine and Biden and our allies are ratching up the punishment. Early indications are that Russia is feeling those sanctions and Putin is taking notice. How can he not? In his quest to reclaim Soviet superiority, he not only has united the Western world against him but the effects of the economic sanctions are filtering unrest among his people. As things get worse, the hope among Western allies, is that, if Putin doesn’t act on his conscience, his people will force him. Either way, it’s clear Russia will never be allowed to rejoin the global community until Putin is gone. Speaking of gone, thanks to the US Census, one could think there are a lot less people of color in the US while Whites dominate. Kind of fits the vision of one political party, right?; Scientists discovered how spiders really fly; Deportation agents are using tech to track immigrants; and Andy Warhol just went AI. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden to announce Friday that US will move to revoke ‘most favored nation’ status for Russia

Russian forces widen attacks on Ukraine to include more cities

Census undercounted Black people, Hispanics and Native Americans in 2020

Biden designates Colombia as major non-NATO ally

Biden Administration Planning To Tell Mexico Trump-Era Policy Could Soon End And Attract More Immigrants To The Border

Spiders Use Electric Fields to Fly, And We May Finally Know How

Hear an A.I.-Generated Andy Warhol ‘Read’ His Diary to You in New Documentary

Deportation agents use smartphone app to monitor immigrants

Through music, indigenous Mexican women’s orchestra takes on gender inequality

Gabriel Boric, 36, to usher in new era for Chile as he takes presidential oath

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