March 15, 2022

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is not only a threat to democracy, European security and Ukrainian lives, cultural history and economy but the much larger threat is to the global food supply — and there could be unprecedented suffering on the horizon; LULAC just put their support behind what many feel is a controversial move; Goes without saying that rising home prices are hurting renters and forcing them to ask the inevitable question; Biden admin’s commitment to women just got a little stronger; and An app that can diagnose a rare disease from a child’s face. Go beyond the headlines…

Russia assault stalls, US official says; UN warns war is threatening global food supply: March 14 recap

Three EU leaders to visit Kyiv to show Ukraine support

Oldest US Latino civil rights group backs Puerto Rico statehood

Inflation is hitting battleground states worse

Affordable housing in the US is increasingly scarce, making renters ask: Where do we go?

Biden moving to narrow gender pay gap for federal workers

Scientists reconsider the meaning, implications of drought in light of a changing world

This App Can Diagnose Rare Diseases From a Child’s Face

One of Mexico’s coolest holiday destinations has a garbage problem

In about-face, Guatemala president calls for strict abortion law to be shelved

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