March 20, 2023

Today is the International Day of Happiness! I confess it’s hard to find something to be happy about among today’s headlines. At least, global central banks vow to keep dollars flowing which (hopefully) means no more bank failures and we all have access to our checking and savings accounts. Unfortunately, it can’t extend those same protections to those of us (un)lucky enough to have stocks; As Americans, many of us think we know what’s happening in the rest of the world. But did you know that 43,000 people, mainly children, died from drought in this one country?; Guns have good and bad uses but for anyone suicidal that access is bad news for the loved ones left behind. A new study shows by just how much; Think you know what the Spring Equinox is?; and If you’re an Android user who hates joining group chats with iOS users, check out this new universal messaging app where everyone is ‘equal.’ Go beyond the headlines…

International Day of Happiness

Global central banks announce joint action to keep dollars flowing

Report: 43,000 estimated dead in Somalia drought last year

54% of firearm deaths in the US are from suicide – and easy access to a gun is a key risk factor

Floods Are About to Threaten Nearly Half of the U.S.

Fossil site is ‘Rosetta Stone’ for understanding early life

Spring equinox: What happens during one and when is it

New universal messaging app allows Android users to pass themselves off as iOS users in group chats

Gray whale population on the rise in Baja California Sur

Peru expects 74 mining projects to become operative in 2023

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