March 17, 2023

Military duty has long been known as being stressful. Depending on what kind of action is seen, it’s also something that triggers PTSD and lies at the root of why so many have committed suicide. Forced to address the systemic issue, the military brass are now doing something about it. However, critics say there’s a second part to the problem that military officials refuse to see; China is sending equipment to Russia and if that wasn’t enough to strain relations, Xi plans to meet face-to-face with Putin in the next week; How many more will feel the pangs of hunger now that SNAP benefits are gone?; A new study finds one Tesla-inspired innovation could be a huge game-changer for the disabled; and New report finds Mexican government routinely releases information that is far from la verdad. Go beyond the headlines…

US military moves to cut suicides, but defers action on guns

China’s Xi to go to Russia for first visit since Putin ordered invasion of Ukraine

House GOP quietly preps take two of its border push

‘Back to one meal a day’: SNAP benefits drop as food prices climb

Autonomous cars could help millions of disabled Americans find jobs, study finds

Survey shows share of people in US with ‘metabolically healthy obesity’ has risen

Flying cars could be in US skies in two years

Take a Virtual Tour of the ‘Doomsday’ Seed Vault

Press freedom report accuses Mexico’s feds of ‘strategy of disinformation’

Exodus from Cuba: The children left behind as wave of emigration swells

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