March 22, 2022

Ukrainians will go down in modern history as the great defenders of their country, their way of life and democracy. Reminiscent of our own colonial history when small colonial forces took on a much bigger British army, the global hope that Urkainians will prevail is strong — and that history is on their side. Morning news reports reveal that Ukrainian forces have already taken back one suburb; and what about the Russian citizens fleeing their own country? The world asks: Is there a safe haven for them and where?; While Ukrainians endure unimaginable hardships, it seems trivial to lament about inflation. Yet, the cost of living is only getting harder as economists point out a growing disparity that affects everyone regardless of race; There’s a reason why police and judicial reforms are needed, according to a new study that only validates what many already knew about the incarceration of teens; Music can be found everywhere and scientists just created music from a surprising source in nature; and It is reported the US has more single parents than anywhere in the world. Now, there’s a dating app just for them. Go beyond the headlines…

Ukraine retakes key Kyiv suburb; battle for Mariupol rages

Stuck at Mexico border, anti-war Russians sweat their futures as Ukrainians enter U.S.

Wage increases are not keeping up with inflation

Biden warns Americans are at high risk of Russian cyberattacks after Ukraine invasion: What you should do right now

New Report Finds Black and Latino Youth 50% More Likely to Be Incarcerated Than Their White Peers

The Most Bizarre Exoplanets As NASA Discoveries Top 5,000

Scientists Translated a Spiderweb Into Music, And It’s Utterly Captivating

Match launches a dating app for single parents

Thousands enjoy Chichén Itzá spring equinox

In Peru, skull of ‘marine monster’ points to fearsome ancient predator

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