March 23, 2022

For those who think inflation will be the only byproduct of Russia’s invasion inflicting pain on Americans, and the rest of the world, they better think again. A worst crisis is on the horizon that will hit people much harder than high gas prices; Latino corporate leaders are tired of listing in a ‘sea of white’ boardrooms, and they want to cause a tsunami of change; The Biden admin knows people of color have harder time with home appraisals and is doing something about it; Group of high schoolers show it doesn’t take millions of dollars to create a solution that impacts people’s quality of life; and Archeologists discovered a ‘starry’ offering in Mexico’s Templo Mayor. Go beyond the headlines…

Get ready for ‘hell,’ UN food chief warns amid Ukraine shockwaves

Oxfam: Almost one-third of US workers make less than $15 an hour

‘Sea of White’: Latino Leaders Fight to Reshape U.S. Boardrooms

An expert on trends in gun sales and gun violence in pandemic America

Biden admin. to release plan to stop bias in home appraisals

Meditation Can Be Used To Calm Your Mind And Help You Sleep. Here’s How.

High schoolers develop an inexpensive filter to remove lead from tap water

Sidechat: The New App That Has Students Talking

Large Offering of Starfish Discovered in Mexico’s Templo Mayor

Coast Guard reports recent increase of Cuban migrants at sea

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