March 22, 2023

A new study finds that child mortality is on the rise at the fastest rate in 50 years. What’s propelling it? Two issues that illustrate the stark contrast when Congress does too much and nothing at all; Ironic that the GOP charges today’s education is nothing more than a ‘woke’ agenda – whatever that means. The Supreme Court just ruled that our educational system is far from ‘woke’ when it comes to the rights of disabled students; A drug that actually counters a sugary diet and produces skinny results? It’s on the horizon; and the Builders of Notre Dame, it seems, had a few tricks in their toolboxes. Go beyond the headlines…

Child mortality is rising at the fastest rate in 50 years

Xi, Putin back ‘peace talks’ for Ukraine war — but blame NATO and make no offer to withdraw

DHS launches major border operation targeting fentanyl trafficking

Supreme Court rules for deaf student in education case

Private opulence, public squalor: How the U.S. helps the rich and hurts the poor

Novel drug makes mice skinny even on sugary, fatty diet

Notre Dame’s Fire Reveals a Major Surprise Hidden in Its Architecture

Duolingo is building a music learning app

Mexico City ‘SOS’ brigade rescues urban bees

Single Mothers, Trans People Left Out as Argentina’s Housing Supply Dwindles

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