March 23, 2023

Interest rates are rising again and inflation is holding steady. It’s a new normal that the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, warns is going to be bumpy; How can we blame Ukraine for saying that negotiating a peace deal with Putin is a moot point now, not that we ever thought Putin would negotiate in good faith; Finally, a little relief for those waiting for an organ transplant; HOW MANY tons of ice have melted from Antarctic ice sheet?; An email app just for e-commerce mails. How simple but revolutionary; and Our northern neighbor is increasingly replacing the US as a beacon for migrants. Go beyond the headlines…

Financial conditions are tightening after SVB’s collapse and could slow the economy, Powell says

Ukraine sees no way to negotiate peace with Putin after war crimes warrant

Antisemitic Attacks Hit All-Time High In 2022, ADL Report Says

US government announces plan to overhaul organ transplant system

FTC wants to make it easier to cancel subscriptions

First 3D-printed rocket lifts off but fails to reach orbit

3000+ Billion Tons Of Ice Lost From Antarctic Ice Sheet Over 25 Years 

Flash app wants to be an inbox for your e-commerce needs

Mexican archaeologists reveal new section of Aztec skull tower

Record international migration spurs historic rise in Canadian population

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