March 25, 2022

The latest pictures of Russia’s dissemination of Ukraine’s port city, Mariupol, reveals the extent of Putin’s mission. So, it’s quite believable when Ukrainians accuse Russian military police of doing yet another vile act against Ukrainians; While Putin wants Russians to march in lockstep with his decision to invade Ukraine, more Russians are calling on Putin to do this; As our bodies age, so do our brains. Yet, new research shows that our brains can remain younger if we do certain things; Who are the ‘new elderly’?; And medical researchers just found something that’s probably floating in all of our blood. Go beyond the headlines…

Ukraine Claims Russian Military Police Are Destroying Their History Books

Russian activists sign open letter calling for end to war in Ukraine

The pandemic has been deadlier in red states

People of color helped Hollywood through another pandemic year, a new study says

How to keep your brain working well as you age

The ‘new elderly’ are greenhouse gas emission ‘bad guys’

It’s Official, Microplastics Were Found Circulating in Human Blood For The First Time

What Is The MxM News App & How Does It Work?

Unmanned crop monitoring helps small farmers in Costa Rica

The 7 best national parks in Bolivia, from salt flats to steamy jungles

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