March 28 2022

You know the war in Ukraine has reached an uneasy lull when what happens at the Oscars overshadows any news from Ukraine. Yet, people still looking for happy endings in this invasion discover peace may be complicated to achieve; Speaking of the Oscars, one award-winning film made history on two fronts; Birds are getting confused and that’s bad news for us all; Why do so many Latinos not have health insurance. I thought the answer would be clear but now someone has written a whole book on it; and One US defense official just declared Mexico is a haven for more than just tourists. Go beyond the headlines…

No clear pathway to peace in Ukraine

U.S. to close, scale back four immigrant detention centers

‘CODA’ brings home the Oscar for best picture, a historic win for the Deaf community

ICE set up a fake college to catch fraudsters. Students say they were duped.

New Book Studies Why Many Latinos Lack Health Insurance

Birds are laying their eggs earlier, and climate change is to blame

Artificial intelligence preserving our ability to converse with Holocaust survivors even after they die

AI scans healthcare images for signs of additional conditions

More Russian spies in Mexico than any other country: US defense official

Chile’s archaeologists fight to save the world’s oldest mummies from climate change

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