March 26, 2021

Overnight, Georgia passed one of the most blatant voter restriction laws in the country. Among its many ridiculous provisions is people standing in line to vote, which can be for hours in the Peach State, are not allowed to be brought water or food. The bill was signed behind closed doors in a secluded ceremony. When a Black Democratic state representative knocked on the Governor’s door to protest his signing of the bill, she was arrested. This hastily passed law should be challenged in the courts. In addition, companies should refuse to fund any GOP campaign and pull their investments in the state. Unfortunately, this is probably a growing trend among Republican-led states who are desperate to hold onto power, even if it means obliterating our democracy in the process. All of us should make our voices heard loud and clear if we want to retain our democracy and it starts by voting OUT all those politicians who think politics in an easy way to amass personal fortunes and flip us all off while doing it. In other news: Biden admin looking for federal volunteers to help with overcrowded border stations; So, should colleges withhold transcripts and degrees over unpaid bills?; Expecting full disclosure from government on UFOs? Think again; and Cuba goes it alone in the fight against Covid. Go beyond the headlines…

Georgia’s new law suppressing the vote is a victory for Trump

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