March 29, 2021

According to one media outlet, the child migrant surge at the US-MX border will last for 7+ months. However, with climate change escalating the intensities of Mother Nature, who’s to say that it will ever stop? Clearly, countries must do more than just react to the devastating aftermaths of these killer events. At least, nearly half of US states are ensuring their residents are fully prepared to face another killer event; One congressman cities history to explain why the US. is the first place Latin American migrants flee towards; Does coffee really stunt children’s growth?; Could there be a future for the blind that doesn’t involve white canes and seeing-eye dogs?; and Discover Latin America’s newest, and longest, hiking trail. Go beyond the headlines…

Nearly Half Of States Will Make All Adults COVID-19 Vaccine Eligible By April 15

The States Where Efforts To Restrict Voting Are Escalating

N.Y. congressman: Border crisis due to decades of bad U.S. behavior

Scoop: Kids’ border surge expected to last 7+ months

Does Coffee Really Stunt Children’s Growth? Here’s The Science

Asteroid named after former Latino astronaut José Hernández

AI-equipped backpack allows the blind to walk in public without dogs or cane

Apps to help math grades amid COVID-19 pandemic schooling

5,000 fans pack Barcelona rock concert after Covid-19 tests

At 110 kilometers (about 68 miles), Baja California hiking trail will be the longest in Latin America

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