March 30, 2020

One would think that any rational person would see the news coverage of what happened in Italy, Spain and New York City and be convinced that social distancing and sheltering-in-place, as much as possible, are the only real ways to keep ourselves, and our loved ones, safe during these historical times. But images over the weekend of packed services at mega churches, crowded beaches and running trails and even long lines at local Home Depots’ garden sections show a different reality.People aren’t taking the coronavirus seriously. The World Health Organization (WHO) knows that people are getting bombarded with conflicting information and recommendations and they want to set the record straight. Since our own CDC has uncharacteristically failed miserably during, what should be their shining moment, WHO is stepping up with a new app that we all should turn to first; Among healthcare workers and ‘essential personnel,’ these workers may be the most scared of contracting coronavirus; and Just want to get away to Easter Island? There’s a virtual tour for that! Go beyond the headlines…

Lost Work Because Of Coronavirus? How To Get Unemployment, Skip Loan Payments And More

World Health Organization to launch an official app on iOS and Android to provide information on the coronavirus pandemic and combat the spread of misinformation

Undocumented immigrants working on pandemic’s front lines fear for health and home

Immigration detainees in PA start hunger strike demanding release amid coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus is newest threat to Latinos’ census response, as groups pivot on outreach

‘Without Empathy, Nothing Works.’ Chef José Andrés Wants to Feed the World Through the Pandemic

Scientists investigate why females live longer than males

See the world while social distancing with these virtual tours

Colombia’s ELN rebels call ceasefire over coronavirus

Discover the Mystery of Easter Island and the Beauty of Chile With This Interactive App

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