March 6, 2023

Trump’s appearance at C-PAC over the weekend, along with some sitting Congressional MAGA reps, wasn’t just a show that the lie of the “stolen election” lives on in infamy in the minds of some very delusional people but triggered a reality check for our allies; Could China start a full-scale war in Taiwan?; Guns lie at the root of senseless shootings, whether they happen at malls, schools or in road rage incidents. Now, researchers say there’s evidence of how to prevent school shootings. Will educators and law enforcement listen?; Seems Latinos always knew how to handle chronic pain; and Childhood anemia has an easier diagnostic tool these days, and it’s one we all carry. Go beyond the headlines…

A Volatile U.S. Political Landscape Is Spurring NATO to Invest More in Europe’s Defenses

Taiwan Watches for Sudden Moves As China Raises Defense Spending

SNAP boosts kept millions out of poverty during Covid. Now they’re gone.

3 ways to prevent school shootings, based on research

In Florida, Latino evangelicals mobilize against DeSantis’ crackdown on immigrants

How Great Salt Lake became America’s Dead Sea

Burning Sensation From Pepper, Can Block Chronic Pain

Detecting anemia earlier in children using a smartphone

Blue hole in Mexico’s Chetumal Bay discovered to be world’s second deepest

UN experts accuse Nicaragua government of crimes against humanity

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