March 8, 2021

Popular expectations were that once Joe Biden was in the White House, all the vile, repulsive policies of the Trump administration would be immediately reversed and life would resume pre-Trump era. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen that fast. All the news about child migrants and detention facilities underscore that sad reality; Biden’s support of women is well-documented and he’s ready to put his presidential pen where his mouth is; An eye implant that delivers artificial vision?; and Move over Instagram, Dispo has arrived. Go beyond the headlines…

From the election to the coronavirus, misinformation campaign continues to target Latinos

Migrant children at border are still being separated from relatives for weeks under Biden administration

Biden officials visited U.S.-Mexico border Saturday amid migrant influx

Biden to formally establish new Gender Policy Council

Biden marks ‘Bloody Sunday’ by signing voting rights order

Retinal Implants Equipped With 10,500 Electrodes to Give Artificial Vision to the Blind

New study suggests humans evolved to run on less water than our closest primate relatives

Dispo is the buzzy, invite-only photo app that’s being called both the ‘new Instagram’ and the ‘anti-Instagram’

The number of women holding elected office in Mexico has soared 71% in 5 years

School for female shepherds aims to restore balance in Spain’s countryside

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