March 8, 2023

The state of Women is at its worse than ever before. Though strides have been made in breaking the glass ceiling in corporate boardrooms, C-suites, Congress and, yes, the White House, the ongoing persecution, harassment, murder, deprivation of personal liberties and rights and exclusion is more intense and globally widespread than ever in recent history. At the current rate, the United Nations says it will take 300 years for women to achieve equality; Why does the White House want to restart migrant family detention?; So, now we discover that FOX CEO Rupert Murdoch felt his own anchors “went too far” in promoting Trump’s false election claims. However, the key word is ‘felt,’ not concerned, not worried enough to do anything to correct the record. So, basically, Murdoch, with his own complicity, partnered with Trump to destabilize our democracy. That’s not business. That’s domestic terrorism – and grounds for deportation and seizure of his assets; If you’ve tried to describe your anxiety to your doctor only to leave feeling like you weren’t believed – there’s a blood test for it now!; and There are countless unsung women who contributed to the fields of math and science (Remember the film Hidden Figures?). Find out more about 25 of these remarkable women. Go beyond the headlines…

International Women’s Day

White House may restart detention of migrant families – sources

Ukraine says they didn’t do it: Germany Says Nord Stream Attacks May Be ‘False Flag’ to Smear Ukraine

Women mobilize for their rights around the world: “it will take 300 years” to achieve equality

Rupert Murdoch: Hannity, Ingraham ‘went too far’ in promoting Trump’s false claims about 2020 election

Researchers develop blood test for anxiety

25 amazing women in science and math

New Artificial Intelligence-Based App Detects Mpox Rashes

The Mexican on the Titanic: a story that waited 100 years to be told

Colombia, Ecuador work to protect Indigenous people from attacks

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