March 9, 2023

From Israel to Mexico, people are protesting the authoritarian intentions of their political leaders. A new report underscores just how dire the situation is for democracy; How do we know Putin is a psycho? By Russia’s latest attack on Ukraine; The DOJ released a blistering assessment of Louisville, KY police. The bigger question is how many other police depts. are just like them; So, under threat of disbarment, a Trump lawyer, who went on national TV supporting Trump’s lies, now wants to come clean; Scientists create a new energy-saving product that will hep the planet and they have the insect world to thank; New app lets you talk face-to-face with ‘photorealistic’ AI human. Go beyond the headlines…

Democracy’s global decline hits “possible turning point,” report finds

Russia strikes Ukraine with biggest missile barrage in weeks

The Racist and Illegal Things the DOJ Says Louisville Cops Have Done

Trump 2020 lawyer admits misrepresenting stolen election claims

Jaded with education, more Americans are skipping college

Researchers create world’s first energy-saving paint—inspired by butterflies

AI turns people’s thoughts into images with 80% accuracy

New App Lets You Talk Face-to-Face with ‘Photorealistic’ AI Human

Foreign Minister says CAR-T cell cancer therapy coming to Mexico

Food insecurity in Colombia more than doubled in 2022: UN

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