March 10, 2023

COVID lies at the root of millions of American deaths, 103, 268,408 deaths as of Feb. 22, 2023 (, but it’s also responsible for the deaths of countless women and children suffering at the hands of an abuser. Documentation shows an unprecedented rise in domestic violence during the height of the COVID shutdown — and it continues. Analysis shows murder-suicide rates are at a record high; Another Trump-appointed judge finds President Biden’s border parole policy illegal. No surprise; A new study finds police rarely track Latinos’ racial and ethnic data. Problematic, for sure; Strange new pics from Mars are making the ’rounds;’ and Apple wants us all to get a little more ‘cultured’ with release of new music app that plays only one ‘class’ of music. Go beyond the headlines and forgive my play on words today…

Murder-Suicides Reach Record High

What are the hypersonic missiles Russia is using in Ukraine?

Federal judge rules Biden’s border parole policy illegal

Study: Jails and police rarely track Latinos’ racial and ethnic data

Why daylight saving is so hard on the body — and what to do about it

Strange circular dunes on Mars spotted in these NASA photos

‘Noah’s Ark for plants’ hits major milestone: 40,000 plant species now banked at Kew’s Millennium Seed Bank

Apple announces new classical music app that launches on March 28

Mexico cartel turns in own men over US kidnappings

Colombia turns to algorithms to bolster mental health services

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