March 29, 2022

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has all the earmarks of a future Hollywood production: an underdog leader transformed into a widely respected defender, of not just his country, but democracy; a villain blinded by his own selfish ambitions who imperils his country with global condemnation; the mass migration of men, women and children fleeing invading forces; the bombing destruction of cultural venues and non-military targets; a mismatched showdown of forces with the smaller country successful in driving back its invaders; emerging stories of everyday people showing resilience and a fighting spirit to protect their country — and the atrocious war crimes perpetuated by Russian soldiers. At the end of the day, it’s easy to romanticize this war and see it through the lens of a David and Goliath story but it’s more than that. It’s a real war. War crimes have been committed and one young Ukrainian mother shares just how brutally costly the war is for her family; No debate that Putin’s war is based on hate and greed. But there’s one online hate group fueling it; Do we need a study to show there aren’t enough Latinos in college sports?; and Archeologists make headway in discovering who built “the oldest sun observatory in the Americas.” Go beyond the headlines…

Russia-Ukraine war latest: Moscow says it will ‘drastically reduce military activity’ around Kyiv and Chernihiv

Ukrainian Woman Tells How Russian Soldiers Raped Her, Killed Husband

Male State: The Russian Online Hate Group Backing Putin’s War

Biden budget accelerates shift from Trump policies on immigration

Free COVID tests and treatments no longer free for uninsured, as funding runs out

Young women earn more than men in 22 U.S. cities

Studies show lack of Latinos, Hispanics in college sports

Built by an Unknown Culture, This Is The Oldest Sun Observatory in The Americas

How to save the Amazon? Brazil company says NFTs are the answer

Mexicans returning home for Easter are victims of extortion once again

Costa Rica will be the First Country to use New Platform to Map Forest Protection

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