May 10, 2023

We know the country is politically polarized. Unfortunately, politics has devolved into prioritizing party over public. We see this happening on a daily occurrence in Congress, state legislatures, city councils, school boards, etc. It’s resulted in library books being banned, gun control policies dismissed, transgender children’s healthcare eradicated, along with, abortion rights of women — and putting the financial security of millions of retirees, disabled people, among others at risk for basic economic survival. But just who will suffer from this latest standoff is very clear — vulnerable voters; Putin just had his annual pat-on-the-back military parade showcasing his personal prowess — with one tank; The Supreme Court will decide whether or not to legalize assault weapons in all 50 states. Enough said; Scientists just discovered from where the first humans in the Americas came from; and Whenever there’s a new fintech app released, it’s usually geared towards millennials or Gen X. Now, there’s a new one that targets retirees, with some innovative features. Go beyond the headlines…

Here’s who misses checks if the U.S. hits the debt brink in June

Putin’s embarrassing one-tank parade hints at catastrophic losses in Ukrainetti

A new Supreme Court case seeks to legalize assault weapons in all 50 states

Scenes from the border: Chaos, desperation

What to know about public service student loan forgiveness

Some of the first humans in the Americas came from China, study finds

Scientists discover secret ‘symmetries’ that protect Earth from the chaos of space

New banking app helps with the financial woes of retirement

Mexico declares end of COVID-19 pandemic health emergency

Updated travel advisories placed for Peru

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