May 11, 2023

The Biden admin is getting tough on those businesses that contribute mightily to climate change. One rule has power plants scrambling to meet that mandate — and probably hoping the GOP retakes the White House; So just how many people worldwide are on the move because of war and climate disasters? It’s a staggering amount; So, how do Hispanic males identify with white nationalists? It seems to be a growing mystery; A new app alerts drivers they’re about to be in the middle of a police pursuit — before that car whizzes by you; and We know women and men’s health needs and treatments should be different. Case in point is what doctors are now saying about women with hardened arteries. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden rule tells power plants to cut climate pollution by 90 percent — or shut down

War, natural disasters left record 71 million people internally displaced in 2022, report says

Texas mall shooter among growing number of Hispanic white supremacists

Yellen warns US default would threaten global economy, undermine its leadership

Could AI be the future of preventing school shootings?

Mysterious planet has “unusually shiny atmosphere” and may contain water vapor, researchers say

Women with hardened arteries may need stronger treatment to prevent heart attacks than men

New app would alert people of oncoming pursuits

Mexico’s Lucha Libre’s culture mixes tradition, family and pure adrenaline

Nicaragua orders closure of Red Cross in continuing crackdown

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