May 13, 2021

A new analysis found that Latinos are beginning to deliver on the whole ‘sleeping giant’ voter expectations, but there’s a lot more work needed. I have to wonder will the Latino voter momentum be stymied by GOP efforts to restrict the vote? Will we fight for what is our’s or feel it’s not worth the effort?; If the pandemic had a silver lining it was that finally Wall Street saw just how unequal financial security is in the nation. That’s why today’s news by JP Morgan could be a blessing, if coupled with education; US Supreme Court to consider hearing a case about the ‘most offensive word;’ and One creative Guatemalan isn’t going to let a volcano eruption go to waste. Go beyond the headlines…

More than half of eligible Latinos voted in 2020, setting record

JPMorgan, Others Plan to Issue Credit Cards to People With No Credit Scores

COVID-19 pandemic was “preventable disaster,” WHO-commissioned report says

Justices consider hearing a case on ‘most offensive word’

Domestic violence isn’t about just physical violence – and state laws are beginning to recognize that

‘The Audition’ getting buzz for portraying hardships faced by some Latino actors in the industry

Cooked at 1,000 degrees Celsius: Guatemala’s volcanic pizza

New app helps veterans combat loneliness, isolation amid pandemic

10,000 march in Guadalajara to protest violence, insecurity

Citizens Work To Expose COVID’s Real Toll In Nicaragua As Leaders Claim Success

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