May 12, 2021

As you scan today’s Daily Habit headlines, you’ll notice the inclusion of a piece that seems out of place — the transcript of Liz Cheney’s defiant remarks to her party on the House floor last night. It’s included because it’s a pivotal moment, not just for the Republican Party, but for the political future of the nation. Reports are surfacing that several notable Republicans are threatening to break away and form a new party. And that’s what needs to be done. Isolate the nationalistic, anti-immigrant Trump-believers and our country will see how many racists, white supremacists are hiding behind the GOP label. Then in the next election, we will see if our nation rejects this racist ideology or chooses to embrace it. Only then, will we know if the United States still has a future as a Democratic beacon to the world. In other news, the rate of unaccompanied minors is dropping; There are still too many people choosing to believe the disinformation about the vaccine and will they be to blame for the predicted winter resurge?; and Chilean voters must decide among over 1,000 political candidates running for office. Now, they have an app that helps them make up their minds. Go beyond the headlines…

More than 100 Republican former officials to seek reforms, threaten new party

Liz Cheney’s remarks on the House floor on the night before her expected removal from leadership post

Arrests at southern border tick up in April, number of unaccompanied minors drops

Forget Herd Immunity! Winter COVID Surges Will Bring Lockdowns, Travel Bans, Crammed ICUs

US doctors group issues anti-racism plan for itself, field

Meet America’s Newest Chess Master, 10-Year-Old Tanitoluwa Adewumi

The FCC’s $50 monthly internet discount has started. Here’s who’s eligible

Almost all kinds of air pollution hit people of color hardest

‘Reverse Selfie Campaign’ tackles problem of face-tuning apps amongst young women

New app helps match Chilean voters with candidates

Narco-violence has reduced Mexicans’ life span by as much as a year

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