May 15, 2023

The recent CNN townhall hosting Trump has been described as “entertaining.” It wasn’t. It was scary and disturbing. Scary in the sense that Trump is so mentally flawed that the mere possibility of another term with him would no doubt destroy our country’s democracy, economy and life as we know today. It was disturbing – and that’s an understatement – because of the behavior of those in attendance. The way they laughed at a woman who was sexually assaulted, cheered and applauded his asinine rhetoric, ignorance and biases exposed the dark side of US society. Rational observers of this perverse political phenomenon are predicting what we already know: a second win would be worse than the first. However, whereas the GOP used to enjoy unbridled religious support, experts say that landscape is changing. The big question is will the change be to the advantage of the GOP or not; Reports say Putin has a new enemy who may be worse than Ukrainians; Is living underwater in our future? One man just broke a record for it; More and more Central American countries are foregoing democracy. Guatemala is quickly joining that list. Go beyond the headlines…

The Religious Landscape is Undergoing Massive Change. It Could Decide the 2024 Election.

Putin Faces Political Threat from New Group of ‘Angry Patriots’

A second Trump administration would be much worse

Baby Boomer retirement surge sparks forever labor shortage

In new VR, role-playing gives insight into racism

Florida man sets record for living underwater

Over 60 Unknown Moons Have Been Identified Orbiting Saturn

New dating app pairs users with with AI chatbots designed to combat ‘ghosting’

Mexico’s President ‘AMLO’ eyes constitutional changes before his departure in 2024

Guatemala’s elPeriodico shutting due to government ‘persecution’

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