May 17, 2023

If this summer brings a repeat of devastating hurricanes and wildfires, people will blame it on climate change. They won’t be wrong. Today, scientists imply companies aren’t doing enough to comply with the pollution mandates set as thresholds for stemming climate change — just check out the story about the 14,000 unplugged oil wells — and are saying that there’s a new deadline to change things around; GOP-controlled state legislatures are passing abortion bans with reckless disregard to the health and well-being of women and children. The proof is in the latest study; Are we surprised that remote working has tripled over the last 2 years and there’s one particular demographic embracing it?; Here’s a novel idea: If prisons are supposed to be places of rehabilitation so the incarcerated can reenter society making positive contributions then maybe we need to create prisons without guards – like Brazil! Go beyond the headlines…

Global warming likely to exceed 1.5C within five years, says weather agency

Nigel Farage: ‘Brexit has failed’

Report: Abortion bans led to life-threatening health complications

Share of Remote Workers Tripled from 2019 to 2021, Most Were Women

US textbooks skimp on Latino history

Writing with AI help can shift your opinions

14,000 Inactive Oil and Gas Wells Are Unplugged in the Gulf of Mexico

The IRS is building its own online tax filing system. Tax-prep companies aren’t happy

In Brazil, prisons without guards offer inmates path to recovery

Quest to save family plot of land led from Guatemala to death at US border

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