May 18, 2023

It’s no secret that China wants to replace the US as the world’s superpower when it comes to currency, economy, military, nuclear and benevolent money lender. However, those in debt to China are finding that the private reality of doing business with China is far from the generous lender they were lead to believe; Can you guess the #1 health concern for the country?; GOP-run Texas and Florida are staging daily assaults on Latinos who live in those states and many have had enough; Is student loan forgiveness dead? One attorney says not yet; Uber just rolled out a new way to call for an Uber and you don’t even need the app. Go beyond the headlines…

Axios-Ipsos poll: Gun violence soars as public health concern

China’s loans pushing world’s poorest countries to brink of collapse

Texas, Florida laws have Latinos rethinking where they live

Huge Student Loan Forgiveness Decision Is Only Weeks Away — Key Details

How AI could help rebuild the middle class

Our Earth is becoming unlivable. Can we still turn the tide?

Artists Recorded Haunting Sounds Made by The World’s Largest Living Thing

You can now hail an Uber without the Uber app. Here’s how it works.

Over 2,400 migrants expelled to Mexico since expiration of US Title 42

Ecuador’s political instability, explained

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