May 19, 2023

Who listens to AM radio — and why are lawmakers pressuring car manufacturers to keep them in cars?; Everyone agrees that Russia’s invasion has gone on long enough. Apparently, the G7 think so too. Their impatience is bringing a consensus to punish all those other countries who have quietly been helping Russia; It’s no secret that a lot of people for whom college isn’t their thing turn to vocational schools. One of the most popular is cosmetology. Now, a new proposal has the potential to shut these training schools down. Bad news for all of us who rely on these beauty professionals; If you can afford to get away this summer, Airbnb releases their top trending destinations; and Now, everyone (who has an iPhone) has instant access to ChatGPT. Go beyond the headlines…

Lawmakers put on pressure to protect AM radio in vehicles

U.S., Allies Impose New Sanctions On Russia At G7 Summit

The staggering fine print of Texas and Florida’s new anti-trans bills

AP analysis: Most beauty school programs would be in jeopardy under US proposal

Airbnb Names the Top Trending Destinations for Summer 2023

New research reveals how vitamin K helps protect against diabetes

Over half of the world’s lakes are drying out, study warns

AI in your pocket: ChatGPT officially comes to iPhone with new app

Mexico’s Popocatépetl volcanic activity puts area on high alert

Closure of Nicaraguan University Approved by Daniel Ortega’s Government

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