May 22, 2023

Ukraine’s President Zelensky appeared alongside the G7 leaders and all his global schmoozing and jetset travel finally got his country what they wanted and needed to turn the tide in their battle with Russia; Do you rent? Does it seem to be like a slow-moving rocket to outer space? You’re not alone. Check out how rent is burdening many; Last week, it was reported that GOP states had the worst gun violence. Now, we see just how Republicans are eroding their own local democracies; So, archeologists admit humans used fire over 50,000 years earlier than thought. Just one of probably many misguided assumptions we’ve assumed; Want an Uber driver but with a little more security? Whistle for Black Wolf; Black Brazilians have arrived, on Brazil tv that is. Go beyond the headlines…

Veterinarians warn dog owners of rise in deadly parvovirus

Key Moments From Zelensky’s G7 Speeches

America’s growing rent burden

How Republican states are eroding local democracy

In Cannes, Scorsese and DiCaprio turn spotlight toward Osage Nation

Humans were using fire in Europe 50,000 years earlier than previously thought

SpaceX launches Saudi astronauts, including nation’s 1st woman, to space station

New Ridesharing App Black Wolf Is Like Uber But With Drivers Who Carry Guns

AI conservation project identifies jaguars in Yucatán reserve

Black Brazilians claim prime time as telenovelas finally reflect diversity

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