May 21, 2020

Is this the calm before the storm? States like Florida and Georgia aren’t experiencing the devastating spikes in coronavirus cases as predicted – yet. Scientists say the US has a limited window to prepare for the next wave that could be far worse; New report reveals the White House’s continuing inhumane attitude towards migrant children and teens; This startling number of Americans don’t have a will; and Online grocery delivery service has a cost-saving twist for users. Go beyond the headlines…

US has three months to prepare for second Covid-19 wave, say scientists

Hundreds of migrant children, teens deported under pandemic border policy: report

Americans favor medical care but not economic aid for undocumented immigrants affected by COVID-19

Community news media, a ‘lifeline’ for Latino families, now under threat by coronavirus

Latino Unemployment Peaks Nationwide

68% of Americans do not have a will

Long-term data show hurricanes are getting stronger

Online grocery delivery service incorporates manufacturer’s coupons

Latin America surpasses U.S. and Europe in new daily coronavirus cases

A selection of Latin American and Caribbean ‘coronavirus songs’

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