May 20, 2020

Trump and his administration have never hidden their anti-immigration agenda. So, it’s not surprising that the White House has made a decision regarding the Mexican and Canadian borders; What is surprising, and disturbing, is that this administration is using a specific set of records to verify citizenship; Pitbull is doing more for Latinos than singing; Ever wanted to attend a pow wow? In the ‘spirit’ of social distancing, now everyone gets to see one; and People in El Salvador are hoisting white flags, but it doesn’t mean surrender. Go beyond the headlines…

Trump administration finalizes indefinite extension of coronavirus border restrictions

To Figure Out Who’s A Citizen, Trump Administration Is Using These Records

Trump ‘considering’ travel ban after Brazil suffers deadliest coronavirus day on record

Pitbull backs program aiming to help Latino small businesses across US

Powwows move online to keep Indigenous communities together

Norma McCorvey, a.k.a. Jane Roe, in ‘Roe v. Wade’ said in a ‘deathbed confession’ that conservatives paid her to lie about her conversion

Paid sick leave mandates may be slowing COVID-19

New tool to measure gender bias in the workplace may help finally eliminate it

Salvadorans Hoist White Flags to Mark Food Shortages

Costa Rica becoming first country in Latin America to resume soccer tournament

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