May 24, 2023

A recent poll reveals that more Americans say curbing gun violence outweighs gun rights. Yet, politicians are turning a deaf ear to those concerns and, seemingly, a blind eye to the consequences. Why? Are these politicians really trying to curry favor with a small, vocal minority? Are they afraid for their own personal safety or political future with this group? Or is someone somewhere earning extra by opposing restrictions to gun access? Whatever it is, it’s clear the current GOP is thinking of their own profits and survival and – haven’t forgotten – but are dismissive of their constituents’ concerns. It’s time the electorate ‘woke’ up and showed these corrupt politicians the la puerta; As the GOP continues to press their extreme ideology into the debt ceiling negotiations, the world is watching and worrying; TikTok thinks they know how to make schools safer. Let’s see what it is; The NOAA has been sounding the alarm for this summer’s weather. Now, they’ve released a state-by-state prediction of what to expect; When people get married they bring with them a host of ‘baggage,’ one of which is their debt. A new app helps couples blend their finances. Go beyond the headlines…

Poll: Most Americans say curbing gun violence is more important than gun rights

Stock market today: World stocks slide as US debt worries mount

Uvalde Survivors Want Safe Schools. TikTok Has A Solution.

Why the new Colorado River agreement is a big deal — even if you don’t live out West

NOAA releases summer weather predictions for all 50 states

Chronic pain can be objectively measured using brain signals – new research

Mysterious Form of ‘Mad Cow Disease’ Emerges in The US

New wealth-building app targets couples blending finances

Brazil declares animal health emergency over bird flu

Mexico to announce work visa program for Central Americans

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