May 25, 2021

Depraved. Inhuman. Incomprehensible. Those are words that we associate with describing serial killers, terrorist killing fanatics and now — the Trump administration. A new report shows just how brazen Trump and his cronies were in separating migrant parents from their children. The saddest aspect is that probably nothing will ever be done to bring these perpetrators of cruelty to justice; Vaccination inroads were being made in Latino communities but health experts are seeing a new trend emerging; There are 50 companies propelling the world towards a new future. Who are they?; Don’t miss tonight’s Super Moon. Astronomers say it will be a ‘stellar’ spectacle and astrologists have their own expectations; and Heard of Tulsa’s Black Wall Street? Now a new AR app helps everyone learn and ‘see’ what happened on the very streets during one of the worst massacres of Black Americans at the hands of fellow citizens. Go beyond the headlines…

Trump admin didn’t give parents option to be deported with children

Black and Hispanic Americans seeing higher COVID case rates as vaccinations lag

Can U.S. Aid Make Honduras More Livable? One Group Tries to Slow Out-Migration

Families separated at Mexico border build new American life

The 2021 CNBC Disruptor 50 companies

The pioneering women who will be on new quarters

Supermoon! Red blood lunar eclipse! It’s all happening at once, but what does that mean?

New app gives users glimpse into past of Tulsa’s ‘Black Wall Street’ before massacre

El Salvador’s house of horror becomes grisly emblem of war on women

Mexico City Marks 500th Anniversary of the Fall of Tenochtitlán

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