May 26, 2021

There’s a reason why too many police officers are still using excessive force when targeting minorities. The Biden Justice Dept. is looking for that reason; Two DHS whistleblowers claim the crisis at the border stems from one reason; The pandemic drove many out of urban areas. Now, it seems that migration came with consequences for the suburbs; Scientists say an unprecedented event happening in the mountains of the West signals a clear sign of climate change; and An app that helps find missing people. Go beyond the headlines…

How Biden’s Justice Department is trying to root out racist policing

DHS whistleblowers blame Trump border policy for increased child detention

A new Maria.’ Puerto Rico’s next crisis is a demographic crisis

Report: Suburbs’ arrest rates surpass urban cities

People of color more exposed to heat islands, study finds

Western fires are burning higher in the mountains at unprecedented rates in a clear sign of climate change

Genes from algae helped a blind man recover some of his vision

New app amplifies power to find missing persons

Mexico: Builders bulldozing outskirts of Teotihuacan ruins

Massive Food Losses in Venezuela due to Diesel Shortages

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