May 25, 2022

In the wake of yet another needless and tragic murder of innocent people, this time children, we as citizens and voters must ask ourselves: Who is really responsible? Is it the crazed men, because it’s always men, who have delusions of power? Is it the greed of delusional GOP politicians who have delusions of power and creating an authoritarian regime in our country, and masquerade their opposition to sensible gun laws behind claims restrictions are an attack on personal liberties? Or is it us voters, who remain spineless and lack enough conviction to force our politicians to do something with our votes, and I mean taking a stand and voting them out of office. How many more innocent people have to die for us to reclaim gun sensibility?; With the atrocities happening in his own city, Ukrainian President Zelensky took the time to offer his condolences to Texas’ shooting victims; From all medical reports, Latinos are supposed to have super healing powers. Yeah, right; Does it matter how we talk to our animals? Scientists say yes and can prove it; New app helps patients personalize medical cannabis; and Can you guess the South American city that outranks the US on the democracy index and overall quality of life? Go beyond the headlines…

Shooting at Texas elementary school leaves 19 children dead, horrifies nation

Zelensky offers condolences to Texas shooting victims’ families

Gun legislation has not changed much since Sandy Hook, and it’s hard to know why

Top Southern Baptists plan to release secret list of abusers

Idea of superior Latino health outcomes may be false, new study suggests

U.S. forecasters predict 7th straight above-normal hurricane season

The case for speaking politely to animals

New app helps patients personalize medical cannabis

Mexican scientists find Monarch butterfly numbers were up 35% but still well under previous years

The Chillest, Laid-Back City in South America Is Not Where You’d Expect

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