May 24, 2022

If we think food prices are high now, and couldn’t get any worse, well, the UN warns us it could and probably will; Pollsters find there’s a reason why unregistered Latino voters are not registering; The baby formula shortage is yet another sector of our society ripping back the curtain of equality; Scientists found dozens of baby penguins dead and the reason is terrifying; Finally, a dating app that goes to the basics in match-ups; and Mexico’s president is achieving a long-held goal that could spell trouble for his country. Go beyond the headlines…

UN says 6.5 million Ukrainians have become refugees; Zelenskyy tells Davos the world is at a ‘turning point’

Latino non-registered voters not keen on either party

With food prices climbing, the U.N. is warning of crippling global shortages

Baby formula shortage highlights inequality in US maternal support

Segregated Texas school for Mexican Americans could become historic site

Air pollution linked to more severe COVID-19: study

Dozens of Baby Penguins Found Starved to Death as Water Too Hot To Hunt

App Uses Birth Charts to Find Soulmates

Mexico turns back the clock on oil reforms, closes down foreign investment

Colombia to train Ukrainian military on landmine removal

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