May 26, 2023

There’s an unconscious theme interwoven among today’s headline selections. It wasn’t by design but it’s clearly here. Maybe you’ll spot it too. Perhaps the most startling headline, aside from the latest Supreme Court ruling that makes our country less safe, is how a world-tier country like the US is on the same list as third-world nations; All the ‘Karens’ in the nation need to be thanking immigrants for doing the work they wouldn’t break a nail for. Otherwise, this country would be in deep trouble without their presence and work ethic; Orca whales are behaving strangely off the coast of Europe and scientists don’t have a clue; No more calling dead-end government numbers to check on their asylum status. Now, asylum seekers can use their phone for another way to check their status in the arduous process; Mexican archeologist discovers why ancient Mexicans had such a fascination with crocodiles. Go beyond the headlines…

Supreme Court dramatically shrinks Clean Water Act’s reach

U.S. among 17 countries that practice forced labor, a form of ‘modern slavery,’ report finds

Immigrant workforce reaches a new high

America aged quickly in the last decade as baby boomers lived longer and births dropped

How a coding error provided a rare glimpse into Latino identity among Brazilians in the U.S.

Depression is more common in the suburbs than in city centers, finds new research

Orcas Are Sinking Boats Off The Coast of Europe And We Have No Idea Why

New app allowing non-U.S. citizens to seek asylum status

Archaeologist unveils mysteries of Mexica fascination with crocodiles

Amnesty report finds racial bias in Peru’s protest crackdown

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