May 30, 2023

News describing a drone attack on Moscow has most of us, at least, those of us who care, cheering for Ukraine. Just how long is country supposed to withstand unwarranted attacks that have destroyed cities, murdered countless civilians and traumatized a whole population without retaliating? Just to be clear, defense is not retaliation. Finally, we have word that Moscow came under attack overnight. Of course, it’s not to the scale that Kyiv has suffered but while the ‘attack’ can be equated more to a kick in the shins vs. the ‘rabbit punch’ tactics of Putin’s army, it’s a welcome sign to those of us wanting Ukraine to fight back rather than absorb the hits; We know low-income workers were helped immensely with Covid relief money. Now, a new study shows just how that unexpected windfall helped; Is Latino white supremacy even a thing? If so, some think it’s on the rise; An asteroid miner is predicted to be one of the hot jobs of the future. Plans are already underway creating a much needed database; Are you one of those who really believe a Kate Spade bag can be bought for $10? Uh, yeah, well there’s an app now that can verify whether you bought a knock-off or got incredibly lucky. Go beyond the headlines…

Historic gains: Low-income workers scored in the Covid economy

Drones attack Moscow residential areas for first time since Russia invaded Ukraine

Supreme Court preview: the major decisions still to come

Community college enrollment grows after decade of declines

The Rise of Latino White Supremacy

NASA released stunning new space images by combining the visual powers of the James Webb Space Telescope and Chandra X-ray Observatory

Want to be an asteroid miner? There’s a database for that

New app hopes to spot counterfeit products with a single photo using AI

US and Mexico seek WHO help with fungal meningitis outbreak

The spray-can vigilantes shaming Bogotá for its perilous paving slabs

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