May 4, 2020

Yesterday was World Press Freedom Day. Like other sectors of the economy, the news industry, specifically newspapers, is experiencing a fight for survival. Journalist positions have been slashed, print editions are being eliminated and whole newspapers are folding. Yet, ironically, people are turning increasingly to their local news sources for credible, reliable news that they can’t get elsewhere. To help support local news, consider buying an online subscription. Here’s a handy tool by the NYT to help find those gems of democracy that are continuing the tradition of keeping everyone informed during this crisis ( News such as: Learn how Puerto Rico now has to deal with Saturday’s earthquake and the coronavirus; What a new study uncovered about deportations and Latino-white student achievement; What dangerous insect is now in the US and scientists are calling for its extermination; and Who the newly elected Costa Rican legislator is a first for the country. Go beyond the headlines…

Pandemic threatens to widen racial wealth gap

Puerto Rico now managing the pandemic response and the damage caused by a 5.4 magnitude earthquake

Pelosi and Schumer call for economic relief for citizens married to foreign nationals

Study: Deportations widen Latino-white achievement gaps at school

Low-income workers are 115% more likely to be laid off

How Latino small business owners are keeping their businesses running during coronavirus

Invasive ‘murder hornet’ in the U.S. for the first time

Wearable uses sensors on eyeglasses to automatically monitor diet

First Afro-Costa Rican to preside over Costa Rica’s Legislative Assembly

Drones aid exploration of buried, pre-Hispanic settlements in Michoacán

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